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Gold Coast helps protect the nation’s transmission and distribution infrastructure and the environment.
Partner with us for efficient and effective vegetation management services.

Vegetation Management

We are proud of the innovative and service-driven approach we bring to today’s utility asset management operations. Our VM consultants are trusted to provide work verification and inspection services to prominent organizations and public utility commissions. Our experts partner with you to contribute valuable training, inspection, audit, and response efforts. We take pride in taking the extra steps to build trust in the relationships we foster as an extension of your team.

Gold Coast provides optimal consultation and project oversight, including:

  • Tree assessment and trimming
  • Auditing and compliance
  • Contractor safety, proper equipment, and regulatory procedures
  • Customer relationship management
  • Onsite coordination between contractors, communities, first responders, agencies, etc.
  • Positive reinforcement of culture and leadership-building
  • A strong commitment to safety
  • Thorough documentation and reporting, including the ordering and tracking of material

Electrical Transmission
& Distribution

Gold Coast’s ET&D workers have extensive expertise in inspections and safety oversight for energy companies. Our highly skilled and OSHA-certified personnel are a reliable extension of your team, specializing in securing, inspecting, and maintaining the integrity and reliability of infrastructure. Our inspection work and support services include electrical systems, electrical switchyards, substations, and powerplants that are owned, maintained, and operated by electrical utility companies, municipalities, or government agencies engaged in utility operations.

Gold Coast ensures safety and dependable service, including the operations of electric transmission and distribution facilities. Our team of experts identifies and reduces outages and other risks due to potential vegetation hazards by conducting thorough and reliable pre-inspections and audits.

Emergency Management

In critical instances when expert support is most needed, such as after a storm or natural disaster, Gold Coast is your best option to deploy emergency response. Count on our experienced team to respond in a timely and efficient manner. We will:

  • Provide and dispatch tree crews
  • Check field sites
  • Conduct first responder stand-by agreements
  • Complete Work Authorization
  • Ensure appropriate PPE and additional emergency materials for crews

The aim of each of our team members is to restore power promptly and safety. Our teams are trained in customer care, so you can rest assured the interactions of our crewmembers with homeowners and the communities, as well as with your direct employees, is optimal. We go above and beyond to make sure each job is completed correctly and thoroughly.

Oil & Gas Services

Gold Coast’s professionals partner with your employees to ensure the safety of your teams and assets and operations, including audit and inspection services for the oil and gas industry (upstream, midstream, and downstream). Our teams mitigate risks while ensuring compliance with international industry standards, focusing on health, safety, and the environment.

Certified by the API international standards’ Blue Wave Platinum Badge.

Environmental Stewardship

The Gold Coast team applies an integrated vegetation approach to reduce risks and impact on Right-of-Ways.

We take on every assignment with a holistic and long-term lens, assessing and recommending the best alternatives for our clients and the ecosystem. While looking out for the interest of our clients, we propose what is ideal for the land and the community. Our team members are concerned for the health of our environment and the species that call these areas their home. In our integrated vegetation management approach, we aim to foster sustaining habitats for the trees, plants, and wildlife (including threatened and endangered species). You can count on our professionals to recommend the optimal strategies toward cutting, pruning, combined with other targeted techniques to minimalize the impact of the VM efforts and improve the overall ecosystem. The options that favor ecological balance are in the best interest of the landowners and also the utilities. Ultimately, this foresight and comprehensive approach are what our clients appreciate most about Gold Coast.

Services You Can Depend On

Gold Coast Utility Specialists is trusted by industry leaders for the quality of our work. We are committed to doing it right the first time.

Safety and Efficiency

Our team works in a safe, cost-effective, efficient, and productive manner. By managing time and expenses in the field, we minimize rework and drive quality standards. Beyond meeting the tasks, we help build a culture of safety and prevention within your organization.